Top Tips for Job Searching

With the job market being even more competitive, its key to ensure you stand out from the crowd! Here are some tips to guide you along the way:

- Try to be a unique candidate - Don’t follow others’ style and interview tactics. Be yourself and try to draw upon your own personal experiences, career goals and preferences.

- First impressions count! With social media being at the forefront for both job searchers and potential employers, its vital to ‘professional proof’ your social sites. Ensure your social media profile picture is professional and any content is also ‘appropriate’!

- Utilise social media for job searching. Connect with the right people and companies and begin networking.

- Sign up for job alerts and to job searches to receive job listings and get ahead of the game.

- Be prepared and confident for any interviews. With so much competition, its imperative to go into an interview with this in mind and be prepared to ‘fight off’ the competition. Research the company, the employees, where the company is heading and any other vital information. And, more importantly, go into the interview with the mindset of you want to land this job - its not just an informal chat.

- Job Titles. When searching for jobs, be open-minded with job titles and study the job content instead of just looking at titles and levels. Look for the roles that offer development and long-term career opportunities.

- Keep real about your skills. Don’t try to apply for and attend interviews for positions that are completely out of your skill set and comfort zone - don't over promise and under deliver. Aim higher but within your limits!

Looking for a job can be a mixed bag of emotions and can sometimes feel frustrating and challenging.

The truth is that most things are tough before they become easy and the job search is no different. But, as you get your CV in order, practice those interviewing skills again and again and continue to reach out and get the feedback you need in order to improve, your search will get easier.

The more you're willing to put yourself out there and practice, the better you'll get.

Best of all, making the investment to take the extra steps can only bring better results for you, your job search, and your career in the long run.

Good luck!